Volunteer & Leadership Opportunities

Administrative Volunteers

BPACF has opportunities for individuals interested in administrative leadership to volunteer from 10 AM to 4 PM. This opportunity includes answering phones, scheduling/planning committee events and meetings, working with staff to conduct electronic research, and maintaining the BPACF relational database and mailing/email lists.
The Finance Committee develop the policies and procedures for the management, investment and operation of all funds of the organization. The committee meets monthly, to review and record financial transactions, approve upcoming expenditures and assess financial position. The committee works with the staff and board to develop the annual budget of the organization.
Under the direction of the Board’s Scholarship & Programs Trustees, the Program Advisory Committee leads BPACF’s efforts to serve the youth of Northeast Ohio. The members make recommendations for the organization’s educational activities; conduct program-relevant research; and assistance in identifying community partners. The committee’s programmatic objectives are to establish relationships that provide mentoring, internships and summer employment, and monitor academic performance. Its members also serve as a liaison between BPACF, the educational community and our scholarship recipients.
BPACF is currently seeking a diverse group of community leaders, working professionals and caring adults to mentor our scholars and program participants. Mentoring involves communicating with our scholars and program participants on regular basis, troubleshooting personal and academic challenges and being an active listener to the concerns of our youth.

The Marketing Committee is charged with promoting the mission, vision, values and programs of BPACF. The members develop an annual plan for organizational communication, promotions and external content. Our media platforms include our website, e-newsletter, mass mailings, social media and public relations.


The committee leads efforts to secure and create publications, and relates the Foundation’s purpose and activities through all mass media to broaden the Foundation’s local and national contacts; enhance the brand image of the Foundation; coordinate material for the annual report; and maintains articles, photos and other historical content.

The Fund Development Committee designs strategies, policies and procedures for securing resources for the organization. The members explore all fund raising opportunities to meet the long-term and short-term financial needs of the Foundation.


The committee is charged with communicating the needs of BPACF to the corporate and philanthropic community and securing resources to support BPACF events, programs and initiatives. This includes meetings and calls to our supporters. The committee is expected to plan and execute the Annual Fund Campaign, seek and secure program funding, grants and corporate sponsorships. The committee leadership also maintains a relationship with the Cleveland Foundation concerning our endowment fund.

The Gala Committee is a diverse group of talented professionals who work with the leadership of Special Events to plan and execute an exceptional “Black Tie” event. This committee meets monthly from May to November, to plan and execute the Annual Scholarship & Awards Gala. All gala sub-committees are expected to submit a timeline, budget detail and recommendations to the Advisory Committee by July 1.


The overall Gala Committee has several sub-committees, which include:

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for securing corporate sponsors, tables and in-kind donations to the event. The committee can use lists prepared by BPACF staff, with target audiences such as current BPACF Trustees and Past Trustees; Past Honorees and Past Honorary Chairpersons, business owners, etc.

(Focus: Fundraising)

The Host/Hostess Committee recruits and directs gala youth volunteers, known as “hosts & hostesses.” They are responsible for developing assignments for the hosts/hostesses, such as seating guests, registration, directing event attendees, etc.

(Focus: Youth Development & Engagement)

The Honoree Committee is responsible for “managing up” the time, energy and tasks of the honoree. The committee chair(s) is the primary contact for the honoree. The members are responsible for adhering to the honoree timeline, the collection/distribution of information, coordinating all honoree activities and presentations. This committee also assists in the creation of the honoree video with the videographer, working with the gala chairs and Honoree Host Committee.

(Focus: Honoree & Donor Relations)

The Logistics Committee is responsible for venue coordination (meals, room layouts, decorations, reception, seating chart, registration, photo booth, etc.). This committee has “run-of-show” on the night of the gala.

(Focus: Event Planning)

The Marketing Committee is responsible for executing the marketing plan and all gala-related communications. The Marketing Committee is also charged with facilitating the development of marketing materials with the graphic designer (save-the-date card, electronic graphics, the formal invitation and the gala program book), monitoring website/social media pages, promoting the gala at community events and media relations.

(Focus: Marketing, Communications & Promotions)

The Program Committee is responsible for selecting, contacting, coordinating and scripting the gala speakers. This committee will ensure that the length, quality and AV run smoothly during the event; and all camera recordings, photography, event presentations and sound levels are appropriate throughout the evening.

(Focus: Program Production)

The Administration & Public Relations Committee is responsible for administrating various functions of the gala. These functions include administration of the gala souvenir book (letters, bio’s, list of proclamations, ads, patron listings, etc.), guest lists. This committee also works with our media sponsor to create the gala honoree video.

(Focus: Administration)

The Evaluation Committee is responsible for gathering, reviewing and creating a report from information submitted by the Gala Attendees, Committees & Volunteers. These responsibilities include a review of the planning process and execution(questionnaire for volunteers); gathering, reviewing and creating a report from information submitted by Gala Guests regarding their opinion about the gala (as determined by the Gala Committee), through a questionnaire process.

(Focus: Quality Control)

Background information and training are provided in advance of beginning any volunteer engagement with BPACF. The average time commitment for a volunteer role with BPACF is 1.5 hours per month.