Career Development for Professionals

Developing Black professionals into community-oriented leaders

Propelling Professionals to Thrive

Developing Black professionals into community-oriented leaders is a core value of what we do at BPACF. We offer a wide variety of leadership and career development programming for working professionals.

We empower through connection, service, and recognition: (hover over each below to reveal a description)

Professional Night Out Networking

Whether you’re looking to reconnect, expand your professional network, or learn more about BPACF Professional Night Out networking event is a fantastic opportunity for professionals from all industries to come together and network in a fun and relaxed environment.

Don’t miss this chance to connect with like-minded individuals and unlock new possibilities.

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The Black Professional Magazine

The Black Professional Magazine: A Guide to  Building the Village

The Black Professional is a quarterly electronic magazine that features amazing stories, community updates, and content shared by LOCAL volunteer writers! Our magazine is packed with valuable insights and resources that will help you elevate your career and make meaningful connections within the Black professional community. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to stay informed and empowered. Get ready to dive into a world of community updates, inspiring professional spotlights, and much more!

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Annual Scholarships & Awards Gala

Throughout the history of the organization, BPACF has recognized BPACF Scholars and saluted a member of the community as the Black Professional of the Year (BPOY). The BPOY award is presented at our Annual Scholarship & Awards Gala held in the fall. This signature fundraiser draws a crowd of between 500 to 700 attendees.

Forty Under 40 Emerging Legends Salute

Nomination Period: January – February Annually

The Forty Under 40 Emerging Legends Award honors individuals who exemplify exceptional leadership, innovation, and dedication to positive change. Whether through groundbreaking entrepreneurship, transformative community service, or visionary leadership, these emerging legends are shaping the future landscape of Northeast Ohio and beyond.

Nominations are open to the public, and we encourage individuals, organizations, and community leaders to nominate deserving, unsung candidates who embody the spirit of excellence and empowerment. Nominees should demonstrate a commitment to excellence in their professional endeavors, as well as a strong dedication to uplifting and serving their communities.