Scholarship Application

Application submission period will open on Saturday February 8, 2022

Career Connect is a workforce development initiative developed by BPACF to enhance educational attainment and career opportunities for low and moderate income youth living in Northeast Ohio. The goal of the program is to increase the number of educated, trained and career-ready young professionals committed to learning, living and earning in our community. Program participants will receive career advisement, professional development training and mentoring from executives in their respective fields. Students selected to participate in the program will also engage in a rigorous 6 -- 8 week career immersion opportunity that is specific to their college major.

The BPACF Internship Boot Camp is a full-day internship readiness initiative for high school seniors and college students in Northeast Ohio. The purpose of the Boot Camp is to improve the internship experience for youth participants, employers and parents by addressing the soft-skills development, workplace etiquette, business acumen and professionalism of participating youth in our community. Program participants will also receive access to career resources, innovative professional development training and mentoring from local executives, BPACF board members and volunteers.

BPACF Scholarship Eligibility Requirements A candidate must be: 1. An African American resident of Northeast Ohio. 2. A graduating, high-school senior accepted as a full time student, OR a current college student at an accredited college/university or institute. 3. A person with a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale, which demonstrates academic potential. 4. Priority is given to students with financial need, based on family size and annual income. 5. Priority is given to students who are “first-generation” college students. (one of the first people to attend college from their immediate family) Scholarship Awards BPACF scholarships are paid in one disbursement, at the beginning of fall semester. The minimum award is $500. Please note: Proof of enrollment will be required upon acceptance of the scholarship