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Available BPACF Scholarships and Programs

Scholars Program

BPACF scholarships range from $500 to $2,000 per student. The following are the Scholars Program eligibility requirements for all candidates:

Scholarship Awards

BPACF scholarships are paid in one disbursement, at the beginning of fall semester. Please note: Proof of college enrollment will be required upon acceptance of the scholarship.

College to Career Series

The College to Career Series is a group of four events that encourage local youth towards a commitment to college completion, academic success and career advancement. The series will also allow minority scholars to meet one another and top executives from Northeast Ohio, and learn more about their career path. The series includes the following events:

Career Connect Internship

Career Connect is a workforce development initiative developed by BPACF to enhance educational attainment and career opportunities for low and moderate income college students living in Northeast Ohio. The goal of the program is to increase the number of educated, trained and career-ready young professionals committed to learning, living and earning in our community. Program participants will receive career advisement, professional development training and mentoring from executives in specific fields. Students selected to participate in the program will also engage in a rigorous internship (minimum of 6 weeks) that is specific to their future career field.

BPACF Youth Programs Application

The deadline to apply for BPACF youth programs is May 15. Electronic Form is submitted immediately. All applicants must submit a completed application, including an essay, a high school/college transcript, a letter of reference (recommendation from a non-relative, i.e. school official, clergy, etc.) and a photograph, for promotional purposes.